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Local citizens told us what’s important to the quality of life in Saratoga Springs. As fellow residents who love this City and are committed to its future, we compared these issues of importance to what candidates for office have said and done.

Here are the leaders who can take on the challenges identified by survey responses from 1,100 local residents and bring us together to keep Saratoga moving forward:

John Safford, Saratoga Springs Mayor
Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Finance
William McTygue, Commissioner of Public Works
Richard Wirth, Commissioner of Public Safety
John Franck, Commissioner of Accounts.

In June, dedicated volunteers established this independent, non-party affiliated, voice to foster good governance across economic, quality of life and environmental stewardship issues. Since then, hundreds of local residents have joined our movement to engage with fellow citizens on issues critical to a vibrant future.

Saratoga PAC commissioned a citizen quality of life survey mailed to over 14,000 residents. It asked their opinions on 15 areas of importance. More than 1,100 provided insights to the issues local residents want addressed. Those, together with direct interviews with candidates and analysis of their records, produced our bipartisan recommendations as noted above. Please consider these candidates and the top concerns of your fellow citizens below as you cast your votes November 3rd.


Priority Issues – With a rating system of 1 to 5, local residents had the chance to share with us the issues they felt should be priorities to ensure our City’s future. The following are the top five issues over 1,100 residents said were EXTREMELY or VERY IMPORTANT for a vibrant future:

1. Fund a review of our city’s water and sewer infrastructure.
2. Support the revitalization of South Broadway.
3. Develop a plan to address upkeep of our city’s streets and sidewalks.
4. Allow world class destination resort to be established with preservation of green space at Saratoga National Golf Club.
5. Attract young people to Saratoga Springs by creating new jobs and providing an affordable cost of living.

Overall when you add all of the ratings together from all of the 1,100 respondents, the following chart shows the top five issues in terms of total points received from all respondents from among the 15 issue areas:
Chart - Total Points
1. Fund a review of our city’s water and sewer infrastructure.
2. Develop a plan to address upkeep of our city’s streets and sidewalks.
3. Make the city’s streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
4. Work with public and charitable agencies to help the homeless and panhandlers in our city’s downtown to get the help they need.
5. Support the revitalization of South Broadway.

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