The Candidates

How did we decide which candidates to support?

Saratoga PAC – – an independent, non-party affiliated, voice to foster good governance across economic, quality of life and environmental stewardship issues – – commissioned a citizen quality of life survey mailed to over 14,000 residents in early September. The survey asked their opinions on 15 areas of importance.

More than 1,100 provided insights to the issues local residents want addressed. “Local residents told us and we agree that this starts with infrastructure – – water, sewer, roads and sidewalks – – but extends to beautifying the gateways into our city, attracting young professionals, helping the homeless, and allowing a world class destination golf resort to move forward,” said Bob Manz, Chair of Saratoga PAC.

During the past four weeks, interview committees were established to meet with local candidates in Saratoga Springs and Malta. The volunteers on the Saratoga PAC board also researched what the candidates have said and done from reviewing meeting minutes to comments in local media reports.

“We compared the issues of importance to City residents responding to the survey with what candidates have said and done,” added Manz. “The candidates that we are urging residents to support on November 3rd have a demonstrated commitment to bring us together on those issues City residents told us are their priorities.”

Here are the leaders who can take on the challenges identified and bring us together to keep Saratoga moving forward:

John Safford, Saratoga Springs Mayor
Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Finance
William McTygue, Commissioner of Public Works
Richard Wirth, Commissioner of Public Safety
John Franck, Commissioner of Accounts.
Cynthia Young, Supervisor Town of Malta

Michele Madigan

Richard Wirth

John Safford

William McTygue

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