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Saratoga Springs residents surveyed about ways to improve city

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Created: 10/20/2015 6:46 PM
By: WNYT Staff

Saratoga Springs is often held up as a model of a successful small city, but residents there are weighing in on what they would like improved.
A new political action committee sent out a survey asking 14,000 city residents to prioritize the issues they want addressed. More than 1,100 people replied.
Saratoga Springs is more than a bustling downtown. Beyond the thriving business district, the city has challenges like any small city.
A new political action committee, Saratoga PAC, wanted to know which of those challenges Saratogians find most pressing. So they sent out a survey to 14,000 city residents. Nearly 10 percent replied — which is high for any survey.

“It says they’re active, they’re involved and they’re interested in having their viewpoint known,” explained Bob Manz, the chairman of the Saratoga PAC.
More than 1,100 people responded to the survey, and this is what they said should be the top priorities:

A review of the city’s aging water and sewer infrastructure.
A plan to upkeep streets and sidewalks.
Make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
Address the issue of homelessness and panhandlers on downtown streets.
Revitalize South Broadway.

There are long-boarded up business in this southern gateway to the city.

“Looking to make that a better appearance for people coming into the City of Saratoga,” explained Manz.

City leaders say the survey shows residents are aware that homelessness and pan-handling have increased dramatically in recent years.

“That’s gone up tremendously and police have really done a good job during the track season, but it’s been the number one complaint I’ve heard from the downtown business community and residents in general,” acknowledged John Franck, accounts commissioner for Saratoga Springs.

Not surprisingly, Saratoga PAC is endorsing candidates for the city council whose priorities line up with residents who were surveyed.

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