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Share how important you believe these issues are to ensure our community’s quality of life moving forward. Please complete the survey below.

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1. Develop a comprehensive plan to address upkeep of our city’s streets and sidewalks.

2. Hire more police officers to improve public safety.

3. Attract young people to Saratoga Springs by creating jobs and an affordable cost of living.

4. Build a parking structure to support the Saratoga Springs City Center.

5. Allow carriage house and garage apartments to be rented legally, thus expanding the supply of affordable rental housing without the need for additional development.

6. Seek help from Amtrak and the CDTA to improve our public transportation system.

7. Approve a zoning change for Saratoga National Golf Club to enable the creation of a 5-Star resort golf destination, helping the region compete more effectively for conference and tourism revenue.

8. Expand and better link our network of hiking and biking trails.

9. Fund a review of our city’s water and sewer infrastructure and the capital expenditure requirements to ensure it can meet our long-term needs.

10. Work with public and charitable agencies to help the homeless and panhandlers in our city’s downtown get the help they need.

11. Restrict property owners in the city from storing boats, trailers and other recreational vehicles in their front yards.

12. Prohibit businesses in our city from using plastic bags.

13. Support the revitalization of South Broadway through zoning legislation that is creative and flexible.

14. Make the streets in our community safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

15. Ensure reliable high-speed Internet connectivity for residences and businesses.

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