Reality vs Rhetoric

Citizen driven feedback the basis of independent group’s activities, not donations to any politicians

Recent rhetoric by politicians related to the role of the citizen driven Saratoga PAC organization belie reality. Its mission is to engage and inform the public and its leaders to foster good governance across key economic, quality of life and environmental stewardship issues. Those are the foundation of a vibrant future for Saratoga and the region.

“Silly season must be upon us, cause some politicians would rather engage in useless rhetoric than focus on the issues that matter to our residents,” said Bob Manz, Board Chair. “This is precisely why our group of community leaders and the thousands we have already engaged support an independent entity. We need to do better to ensure we remain a desirable place to live and do business, and build the social capital that provides for good government services. The time for tired rhetoric and creating phony boogeyman to scare up votes is over. We are intent on promoting informed dialogue and exercising our rights to speak with the public about key issues and leaders who will affect the direction for Saratoga Springs and the area. Those who grandstand and ignore the input of thousands of their constituents, constituents who are working hard every day to maintain a healthy tax base and who give back to the gamut of charitable foundations making this such a special place to live, are not focused on leadership. We will remain focused on it and ensuring our community has the brightest future possible.”

Despite reports by candidates saying they reject its donations, Saratoga PAC has repeatedly informed all candidates for office that they will NOT be making any donations to candidate campaigns. The requests for interviews with candidates was for a discussion about issues of importance to the communities’ future. Saratoga PAC recently extended that dialogue to the broader public by commissioning a citizen quality of life survey mailed to over 14,000 City residents covering 15 areas of interest to solicit their feedback. To date, more than 1,100 unique responses have provided insights to the issues people of the community would like to see addressed. Its results will be made publicly available at an event October 20th and widely distributed thereafter. Those findings will inform the priorities and viewpoints Saratoga PAC expresses on issues and candidates going forward.

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