New Leadership

Dear Friend,

As volunteers and longtime contributors to the social and economic fabric of this city, the Saratoga PAC Board of Directors are proud to be part of the debate on issues critical to its success and those who represent the community.  Now, with Election Day upon us, it is time to move forward together to get the work done.


  • It is time for a civil council that works together and is focused on getting things done, not grand-standing or posturing.
  • We’ve heard about infrastructure and quality of life priorities of fellow Saratoga residents; it’s time to focus on moving forward together to deliver solutions.
  • There are balanced ways to keep Saratoga vibrant – attracting visitors and job opportunities alike – to keep it a great place to live for people of diverse income and backgrounds.
  • We need to reinvest in public infrastructure and safety, and support private investment that builds the competitive economic base to support the arts and social services we value to help those in need and preserve our quality of life.

Tomorrow, the polls in our great city will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We did a comparison of what 1,100+ local residents told us are the priorities our city’s leaders should address and what the candidates said about these issues. From this comparison, we’re urging local citizens to vote for the following bipartisan slate of leaders:

John Safford for Mayor

Bill McTygue for Public Works Commissioner

Rick Wirth for Public Safety Commissioner

Michele Madigan for Finance Commissioner

And John Franck for Commissioner of Accounts.

We will remain engaged in soliciting input from residents and forming positions on key issues after this election. We look forward to being part of the discussion to address the critical infrastructure, safety and economic development needs of our community with all the Council members. We thank you for your involvement and engagement and we hope to see you at the polls tomorrow!

Thank You

Saratoga PAC

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