Mathiesen Mess

Surrendering Saratoga’s Safety

The number of reported violent crimes in Saratoga Springs has tripled under Chris Mathiesen’s watch. In 2011, there were 20 reported violent crimes, that number grew to 61 in 2014.

Crime has increased at an alarming rate under Mathiesen’s watch. Reported aggravated assaults increased 166%, violent crimes increased 204%, and reported robberies skyrocketed 433% during the four years of his tenure.

While homeless and vagrants increase in downtown and prime tourist areas, Mathiesen has failed to work with social services and nonprofit organizations to get them the help they need and keep our streets safe. In an article entitled “Saratoga’s homeless remain bothersome,” in the Daily Gazette, on 5/14/15, Mathiesen said: “There’s not a lot the police can do.”

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Click here to see the crime statistics for all counties and communities across New York State, including Saratoga Springs, on the website.

Mathiesen Mess – Deal Under NYS Investigation

While limited EMS services leave residents at risk, we all pay attorney’s fees over disputed land deal.

Chris Mathiesen campaigned in 2011 on how he would solve this EMS problem. In 2013, Mathiesen selectively tailored terms for public sale of a prime City owned parking lot to a preferred downstate developer with access to specified land east of Exit 14. (Times Union, “Saratoga Springs land swap draws fire.” 9/14/14)

The land swap is the focus of ongoing investigation by the NYS Attorney General’s Public Integrity Bureau, charged with rooting out public corruption, fraud, and crime. (Daily Gazette, “State looks into Saratoga parking lot deal; “Attorney General eyes possible misconduct,” 12/31/14)

A private lawsuit was brought forth by former elected officials over the unfair terms of the deal. (Saratogian, “Former Spa City officials sue over lot deal,” 12/8/14)

Now, city taxpayers are on the hook for $50,0000 to hire Albany based lawyers at undisclosed hourly rates. (Saratogian, “City hires law firm in Collamer lot fight,” 12/23/14)

Both Republicans and Democrats opposed the deal Mathiesen forced through. Four years later, residents in our east ridge still lack critical emergency services, and we all pay the price for litigation and NY State probes of our City government.

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